I do take requests…

The Custom Butcher, pt. 1:
— A truly prolific serial killer, the Custom Butcher utilized a complicated code system to alert their “fans” of their next murder, as well as using it to have them send suggestions for their next targets and the tools they would use.

The Custom Butcher began their reign of terror in 1990 with a pair of victims in Orlando, Florida. They had killed two guides right in Disney World by jamming a pair of sawblades in the heads (to resemble Mickey Mouse, of course) and left their bodies in the “Small World” ride. Upon being found, the police discovered a note: “These two are the first of many. This is but the first act. Happy hunting.” Several weeks later, another pair of victims were left on the step of the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, their faces carved to resemble the mask of the “Phantom of the Opera,” they had been stabbed through the heart and allowed to bleed out before the Butcher began their real work. The DCPD were dumbstruck as to how no one saw a thing, until one detective suggested something: the killer may be a teleporter.

This little revelation caused the DCPD to alert the FBI as they were not equipped to deal with this type of supergene, let alone the bodies that might start piling up.

Four months later, yet another pair of victims appeared on the steps of Ford’s Theater, the place of Abraham Lincoln’s murder; this time, the victims had a single bullet wound to the head  and top hats placed at their feet. This galvanized the FBI and DCPD to find this monster. They would have their work cut out for them, as the rampage of the Butcher was far from over.

– To be continued…



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