A lone wolf… (Pt. 1)

– Garvain is a legendary hero with history spanning 1,700 years, and is one of the creations of the “Sister of Wolves.”

Made as the first of a new team, Garvain proved such a success that the “S.O.W.” decided to train him personally, which resulted in Garvain becoming immensely skilled in combat and quite knowledgeable in tracking and smithing (gun, armor, and weapons). After about ten years, the Sister of Wolves told Garvain his training was complete and to journey into the stars and forge his own path, as she knew he was than capable to doing so.

With that, he gathered his sword (“Frozen Gold”) and armor, and proceeded to find his destiny.

Over the course of the next 80 years, Garvain was a soldier, mercenary, teacher, nomad, engineer, and inventor; each and every experience was cherished, as they only helped to make him better. During those 80 years, he came into conflict with Disronians, Kilronians, Solarites, Emberiians, Gyrons, Numerals, and Lavitherans, however, it was usually his fault, as he had developed a taste for battle from having fought a continental battlecruiser single-handedly (long story).

The “Sister of Wolves” was a bit worried as she hadn’t heard from Garvain (or several of her other children), so she decided to look up on them herself…

– To be continued


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