A tale of another two cities.

– Viovia:

A parallel dimension to the planet Emberiia, Viovia resembles a fusion of Medieval Europe and the ancient Middle East/Egypt, with a smattering of advanced technology (gleaned from the Emberiians).

Like the Emberiians, Viovian resemble human to an extent, but are stronger, faster, and smarter, with the addition of truly formidable sword-fighters, engineers, and architects. they have history going back some 18,000 years during which they warred with Kauesians, Taucubites, Kiblians, and even Jotunns, all the while building their empire.

The progenitor of said empire was Draben Sect, a great warrior who used his strength, will, and charisma to carve out an empire that spanned almost 1,000 square miles and once had a standing army of 750,000. In time, he married a powerful sorceress and fathered twelve strong children who would go on to further the empire to not only the limits of their own lands but to other realms.

As of now, Viovia, is enjoying a period of peace after a two-year was with the minions of “Mother Stormtooth,” an immensely power primordial being that was bent on conquering their world and bleeding it dry of its resources. The war cost them over 290,000 of their inhabitants, but ultimately they prevailed. Their current ruler is King Ravin V, a just monarch descended directly from Draben Sect (on his father’s side) and other great kings and powerful warriors  Strong, wise, and merciful, Ravin has been guiding his people towards another golden age, forging key alliances and bringing their military to a higher standard of excellence, thus preparing them for any threat.





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