The tip of the spear…

Total Patrol:
Original (WW2): Capt. Aero, Big Bear, T.K.M (Albert Mitchell), K-28, Dark Bishop, Silver Agent, Sgt. Strike, Atomaton, Omnibomb
Current (1985-present): Capt. Aero, T.K.M., High Fusion, Golden Lion (Jesse Calan), Star Wolf (Markus Dalton), K.P. (Karl Patrick Marcus), Ferro, Torrent, Big Bear II, Silver Agent, Fanwave, Heatwave


– The team was initially created in 1943 in response to several supergene attacks on the Eastern Front.
– Their mission: find and eliminate the denizens of the world the law can’t officially touch (high-ranking military, drug lords, traffickers, politicians, etc)
– Capt. Aero, Silver Agent, and Big Bear II decimated four cells of sex traffiking, primarilty children, in less than in a year. Capt. Aero personally tortured seven men in said cells to make them pay for the horrific things they made the children do just to eat. (1984)
– Silver Agent slit the throats of three terrorist leaders (two middle-eastern, one european) in order to stop a bombing in Miami, FL. (1989)
– The current team once confiscated a weapon cache worth over $250 million from an arms dealer/drug lord situated in Central America (kept some for themselves) (2005)
– Capt. Aero, Albert Mitchell, High Fusion, and Big Bear II also took part in the second Congo War. Their job was to hunt down and eliminate as many of the leaders of the “RUF” as possible. Along the wat, they met and fought alongside the “Kings of Hell” (1990s)
– The original team witnessed the Kilronian Infernus battle the Note G-Clef over Mt. Kilaminjaro in 1944


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