I do take requests…

The Custom Butcher, pt. 1:
— A truly prolific serial killer, the Custom Butcher utilized a complicated code system to alert their “fans” of their next murder, as well as using it to have them send suggestions for their next targets and the tools they would use.

The Custom Butcher began their reign of terror in 1990 with a pair of victims in Orlando, Florida. They had killed two guides right in Disney World by jamming a pair of sawblades in the heads (to resemble Mickey Mouse, of course) and left their bodies in the “Small World” ride. Upon being found, the police discovered a note: “These two are the first of many. This is but the first act. Happy hunting.” Several weeks later, another pair of victims were left on the step of the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, their faces carved to resemble the mask of the “Phantom of the Opera,” they had been stabbed through the heart and allowed to bleed out before the Butcher began their real work. The DCPD were dumbstruck as to how no one saw a thing, until one detective suggested something: the killer may be a teleporter.

This little revelation caused the DCPD to alert the FBI as they were not equipped to deal with this type of supergene, let alone the bodies that might start piling up.

Four months later, yet another pair of victims appeared on the steps of Ford’s Theater, the place of Abraham Lincoln’s murder; this time, the victims had a single bullet wound to the head  and top hats placed at their feet. This galvanized the FBI and DCPD to find this monster. They would have their work cut out for them, as the rampage of the Butcher was far from over.

– To be continued…



True strength comes from inside…

Soul Pressure:
— A variation of Golden Bell Shield, Yi Jin Jing, and Iron Body techniques, Soul Pressure is an extremely advanced technique involving telekinetic (“TK”) force to push the practitioner’s strength and durability to its limits (and beyond).

There are eight levels of progression — each one is considerably more difficult than the last. Their titles correspond with the resulting aura the practitioner will achieve when that level is mastered:

citrine -> opal -> sapphire -> ruby -> emerald -> diamond -> blue diamond -> gold diamond

Most never get past “emerald” (though even making it to “citrine” would require a practitioner to have a considerable amount of martial skill and experience), but those who do are truly forces to be reckoned with as they have the ability to face demigods and even some primordial beings on equal footing.

To this date, only eight beings have mastered the final level of “gold diamond,” one of which is the legendary Chromian hero Hyperblade, who used his newly-acquired skills to forge a reputation that spanned three star-systems and bring glory to his people.

Another was Byrnhorn, the greatest of the Defiant Primes. Known as the “Prime Master” and the “Prince of the Sun,” Brynhorn had accomplished such heights in the martial arts that few in the cosmos could equal him, let alone challenge him. His greatest feat would be the two days he spent fighting O’cedan, one of the finest warriors in the Seven Spaceways. The two warriors pushed each other to their absolute limits, but ultimately they declared the fight a draw have remained close friends ever since.

Well…back on topic.

The “Soul Pressure” technique is still being used by various martial artists throughout various star-systems, each one hoping to break through that plateau and achieve greatness.


The clay of the gods…

Dying Light (Pt. 1):

– A massive beast composed of dark magic, ancient nanotechnology, and a mighty staff engorged with an empire’s worth of magical power, Dying Light wreaked havoc across the world 5300 years ago.

Resembling a gigantic lump of dark clay, Dying Light is capable of reshaping itself into all manner of forms but usually chooses a six-legged form that allows it to attack and defend from all sides. This attack/defense mechanism would be needed when it was sent to face “Jiont,” a gigantic hybrid of wolf and lion. Standing well over 70 feet tall, Jiont was specifically engineered to bring down some of the strongest fortresses on the planet, at a time when the Earth was inhabited by great wizards, “gods,” and giants of every kind; in those days, wars compassed not just the Earth but nearly the entire solar system (hence the evacuation of Mars). In this case, Jiont was sent to invade “Ironwing Island,” an artificial island located near what would eventually be known as Australia, and was nearly twice the size.

Ironwing Island was the base of operations for the Capellans, a race of beings from Capella Four, otherwise known as the “Night Planet,” was extremely fortified: with five-foot thick steel walls, archer golems, war machine golems, wind terrors, earth slashers, and all manner of cannon — many have tried to invade, but all have failed. Given its reputation, most armies would never dare to attempt an invasion, but the army of Nyx, Mistress of Night, were ever so bold. Lead by “Battle Nimbus,” a being native to the Mountain of Phantoms and with parentage from the Planes of Fire and Shadow, this army of 89,000 elite warriors had carved a legacy of terror throughout the cosmos, and Battle Nimbus had every intention of bringing both glory and the head of Ironwing Island’s commander to his mistress.

Of course, however, they came prepared.

Nyx had long understood the physiology of kaiju and decided to make one of her own — namely Jiont. This massive creature was bred for war on a continental scale and was used to face all manner of foes, including a “Maelstrom Behemoth,” one of the most powerful Starbeast variants ever created. With that, Jiont was sent to fight  alongside Battle Nimbus to prove its strength and ensure her victory.

And prove its strength, it did.

Upon reaching the gates of Ironwing Island, Jiont started ramming said gates with Battle Nimbus and his warriors cutting down any and all opposition they came across,  no matter how strong. For twenty long minutes, Jiont battered the gates, enduring the constant bombardment of the cannons and archer golems which gave the lords of Ironwing Island, agents of Capella Four, reason enough to unleash their ultimate weapon. Within moments, Jiont went from battering the gates to being blasted back almost eighty-three feet, nearly trampling his allies. Upon recovering, Jiont and the others looked up to see a gargantuan mass; dark as night, six-legged, and seething with power. Battle Nimbus scoffed at this “parlor trick,” raised his sword, and commanded his troops forward — victory or death.

Dying Light slowly reared up its legs and charged towards Battle Nimbus and his fellow warriors with preternatural speed, kicking up a cloud of dust that completely blanketed the field, and sending shockwaves all across the island. Jiont charged back and the two collided, forcing every soldier, enemy and ally alike, to find cover. For then on, the two titanic beasts fought with abandon — each strike, tackle, and energy blast was matched by the two beasts, devastating the surrounding area, and giving the mighty Capellans pause as even they didn’t expect Dying Light to be so powerful.  With that, Battle Nimbus clenched his blade and proceeded to charge the enemy yet again as the glory of his mistresses had to be upheld. The two beasts continued to battle as the Capellan commander leapt from the gates of Ironwing Island, as he had grown tired of Battle Nimbus’ brashness and wanted to end this once and for all. Battle Nimbus quickly spotted the Capellan commander and ran towards him, blade raised high, ignoring the two behemoths fighting directly beside him.

The battle between the forces of the Capellans and Nyx was now truly joined, but the deciding factor would ascend from the very earth itself and return from on high…

— To be continued…



To prowl the stars….

The Galactic Lion (Pt. 1):
— The Galactic Lion is a near-mythical hero hailing from Soluris, the homeworld of the Solarites. Along with the Salaton known as the “Earthen Hammer,” and the Beta Centaurian known as the “Golden Scimitar,” he established a galaxy-wide reputation for his physical prowess and cunning, as well as his finding, surviving, and containing of the legendary “Brutality Jewel.”

A member of the “Grey Supergiant” genus, Dakoius was exceptional from the beginning, exhibiting far greater strength, speed, and intelligence than most cubs his age, and was thus chosen for advanced training with the Solarite heavy infantry. For eleven years, he learned everything he could from them: hand-to-hand combat, strategy, tactics, combat piloting, and all manner of weaponry — all while continuing to showcase his ever-increasing abilities. Little did he know, Dakoius was one of the Great Golden Sun’s chosen. The G.G.S. had sensed Dakoius’ potential and proceeded to push it further. After his twelfth year, he had proven himself skilled enough to sent on solo missions (all part of the G.G.S’s plan to accelerate his progress), and soon proved himself a valuable asset, completing numerous recon, retrieval, demolition, and assassination missions, while also gaining strength and experience in field operation against the Disronians, Kilronians, and Numerals.

One such mission brought him into conflict against an anomaly known as a “Silent Hound,” a cybernetic minion of the abyssal deity Ithacar. This “Silent Hound” was responsible for the destruction and looting of several trading posts within the Seven Spaceways, and Dakoius was tasked to deal with it. After several days of hunting, Dakoius eventually found it on a large moon, in the process of aiding several of Ithacar’s warriors in building a fortress of their own, complete with heavy artillery. As such, Dakoius came prepared. Carrying a longsword, a trans-warp pulse rifle, and several meson spheres, Dakoius landed on the moon as quietly as possible, and began scouting for the best way to get to the “Silent Hound.” As he moved, he noted the proton cannons, fusion gravity cannons, and mechs, and realized this was going to be a bit difficult.


However, the “Silent Hound” was aware of his movements and alerted several of the mercenaries it was with to Dakoius’ presence. Within seconds, a dozen mercenaries clad in powered armor and wielding laser rifles and daggers came rushing towards Dakoius, determined to kill him. Dakoius knew these men would show him no quarter, nor did he want them to, so he sped in their direction, bent on completing his mission. The mercenaries attempted to flank him at both sides, so Dakoius reacted in kind; after firing in both directions to hold them at bay, Dakoius tossed one of his meson spheres at their leader, which caused the mercenary to immediately dodged the potent explosive, which in turn allowed Dakoius to use the explosion to divert the incoming rush of mercenaries. It proved to be a bigger explosion then expected, which had the consequence of alerting several more mercenaries, one of which he recognized as a “Rocketforged” Armoroid. The Rocketforged were the among the most elite of the Armoroid military, next to the ODST

Dakoius was immediately tackled by the Rocketforged, sending them both flying through the walls of the fortress and in the line of sight of several mechs, who fired everything they had at Dakoius as Solarites were infamous for their durability. Dakoius quickly dodged the gunfire and missiles, flew towards the mechs, and was promptly blasted back out of the fortress by a fusion gravity cannon, landing several hundred feet away. Dakoius brushed himself off, clenched his fists, grinned, and flew back towards the fortress.

He had a mission, the Great Golden Sun had deemed him brave enough to take on this mission, and he would accomplish it….

— To be continued….


Battle is in my blood

Dark Citadel Penitentiary:
– An infamous prison located in Mt. Everest, Dark Citadel has since garnered the equally appropriate name of “Prison Mountain” due to the majority of the mountain range having been covered into something truly fortified.

Built to house some of the most dangerous prisoners in the world (mercenaries, super-genes, super soldiers, ex-special forces, etc..), Dark Citadel boasts some of the finest security on Earth, yet is lawless just the same. The strongest and most ruthless prisoners are allowed to roam free and take whatever they want from the weaker prisoners, provided they still follow the orders of the security officers. Most inmates sent to the Dark Citadel have sentences ranging from one years to 30 years, but they could make their time go smoother by winning the various tournaments held throughout the prison. These tournaments are usually one-on-one but, on special occasions, a fighter may be forced to fight upwards of four opponents at a time.

One such fighter was the “Whisper,” a prolific serial killer who murdered all of his with his bare hands. Despite being psychotic, the Whisper was nonetheless a brutal and skilled fighter, most notably with boxing and CACC, which allowed him to face his victims and utterly destroy them, leaving them with crushed skulls, broken spines, snapped legs, and collapsed rib-cages. With that, he earned himself 50 years at the Citadel and he immediately made a name for himself as a true alpha — a prisoner more dangerous than his name implied. The warden knew this and quickly threw the Whisper into whatever tournament that was going on at the time, at which he excelled at, to the point of being rather disturbing. For months, the Whisper destroyed whatever opponent that was thrown in his direction, be they big or small, and relished every moment of it. That is until he met the “Chasing Fist,” a legendary fighter not only among the denizens of the Dark Citadel, but also Old Mountain Work Camp and the Storm Desert Correctional Facility. “Chasing Fist” had been bouncing around several prisons fighting in all sorts of tournaments, as a means of reducing his sentence, which was 35 years for crippling his commanding officer.

The wardens of both the Dark Citadel and Storm Desert C.F. figures a fight between the two would bring big money from their benefactors, however, the two fighters needed some convincing. The Whisper and Chasing Fist had actually become friends of sorts, so forcing them to fight, and potentially kill, one another was damn near out of the question.

Then, an opportunity.

The CIA had been observing the various tournaments that the two fighters and fought in and were very interested in recruiting them, so the two wardens realized the potential of this proposal and made a lucrative agreement that could make them rich. The two wardens told the Whisper and Chasing Fist of the CIA’s proposition, informing them that their sentences may be erased if they performed well enough. The two reluctantly agreed. Shortly thereafter, the two fighters were released in the CIA’s custody and were on the shortest of leashes, as their abilities made them exceptionally dangerous. For three longs years, the Whisper and Chasing Fist were deployed all over the world, doing wet-work, demolition jobs, and snatch jobs — all in the pursuit of freedom. Eventually, their time with the CIA began to come to a close, but the CIA had no intention of releasing them (as expected), but the two fighters saw this coming and were readily prepared. The Chasing Fist had taught the Whisper a few skills he had acquired during his time with Delta Force* and, as such, they were able to bypass the considerable security that stood between them and freedom.

For several long minutes, the two fighters fought and avoided agents, security guards, sharpshooters, jeeps, and even an attack helicopter, but they managed to get out of Langley, hijack a truck, and hightail it out of there. Their handlers were expecting this, and were actually pleased with this. The CIA had set their sights on these two, as well as several other prisoners around the world, for a program called “Hungry Wolf,” an apt title, as it specifically recruited those who they know would fight like a starving wolf — powerful, ruthless, cunning, and ever so defiant. These two proved that the program could be used to reign the subjects in, keep under control for a time, and then allow them to “escape” when need a break.

They knew the Chasing Fist and the Whisper needed to get away from them or else they would’ve probably just killed anyone who came in their general direction, and that would not do. So, freedom was theirs..for a time anyway.

A bit risky, but well worth it.

*(While the Chasing Fist didn’t approve of the Whisper’s horrific deeds, he was in no place to judge him as he, as a soldier, was a murderer just the same.)


The Power of the Black Crescent…

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Defiant Primes:
– The Defiant Primes are of the most enigmatic and dangerous beings in the Seven Spaceways. Widely considered the finest martial artists in the Seven Spaceways, the Defiant Primes have proven time and again that the power of the fist can trump any weapon and break through any defense.

The history of the Defiant Primes goes back billions of years to the earliest days of our universe and the very beginning of the history of the beings known as “Asuras,” their own kin. The Defiant Primes were once part of an order of Asuras known as the “Black Crescents,” an order known for its tremendous strength and skill, but also its tendency towards unneeded violence. The Black Crescents carved a sizable niche throughout the Seven Spaceways and some parts of the multiverse by challenging and defeating the best fighters they could find and participating in numerous cosmic wars — all to improve their skills, widen their reputation, and bring glory to the Asuras. In time, their exploits garnered the attention of a powerful cosmic being known as the “Eternal Mentor,” a being legendary for his vast reservoir of galactic knowledge and equal skill in engineering and combat. Intrigued by these “Black Crescents,” the Eternal Mentor decided to send his newest creations: the Quantum Sentinels.

The Quantum Sentinels were a variation of the Orichalcum Sentinels, with the addition of a supreme mithril endoskeleton powered by a binary quantum reactor, thus making them even stronger, faster, and far more deadly — exactly what the Black Crescents look for in opponents. Four heavily-programmed Quantum Sentinels were sent to the Black Crescents’ temple and relayed the Eternal Mentor’s challenge (via recording), to which the Black Crescents happily accepted. The elders of the Black Crescents sent out four of their best and the battle began…with the Quantum Sentinels throwing the first punch.

For the next nineteen minutes, it was a cacophony of impact and speed: the Black Crescents showcased the strength and skill that had built their name, while the Quantum Sentinels demonstrated the divine expertise and supreme engineering of their creators’ hand. Pieces of the temple were completely destroyed during the skirmish and one of the Quantum Sentinels had one of its arms torn off, which ultimately ended the fight. The Quantum Sentinels immediately stopped fighting, acknowledged the abilities of the Black Crescents, and departed, leaving the Black Crescents to wonder what would happen next. The battle did spark one change – the need to strike out on their own. The Black Crescents realized how much further they could push their abilities if they chose to follow the path of technology, rather than spirituality. The other Asuras did not agree. They had been a warrior caste for countless millennia, and never relied on any technology to accomplish their goals. The Black Crescents understood this and were more than willing to accept the consequences should they fail. This small act is the origin of the “Defiant” in the name they would soon acquire.

Soon thereafter, the Black Crescents ventured out on their own, continuing to improve their martial skills, while discovering new technologies that would allow them to explore the vast reaches of the cosmos, especially those corners virtually unknown as they may provide the greatest challenges. In time, they created Dyson spheres, wormholes, superior melee weapons, starships, and discovered the means to prolong their lives by hundreds of thousands of years. Their travels, as expected, brought them in conflict with several other powerful races, namely the Capellans, Chromians, and Planetorians; all of whom were just as skilled as the Defiant Primes — both mentally and physically.

As of now, the Defiant Primes continue to pursue martial perfection, knowing that such a thing is virtually impossible but well worth the pursuit.


Phantom on the Mountain

– Kagari (aka the Dark Shatterer and the Child of Blades) is the latest pupil of  “The Crucifier,” a primordial being of immense martial skill and who is reputed to have crucified the population of an entire universe.

Though his birthplace is unknown, it has been established that he is well over 160 years old and extremely dangerous. Standing well over 7 feet and garbed in black and gold, Kagari strikes a truly terrifying figure and has the reputation to prove it, having faced over 90 opponents and come out victorious. His weapon of choice is a greatsword forged by his own hand called  “Shadowfang,” a mere imitation of his master’s sword, the “Ragespike,” but capable of more than enough damage on its own. Kagari began his training under the “Crucifier” 133 years ago, after years of wandering from underground gladiatorial arenas to scorched battlefields, when he was discovered by the “Crucifier” and offered a place in his school of training. Initially hesitant, Kagari soon accepted and was quickly indoctrinated into the “Crucifier’s” methods.

And those methods nearly broke him.

Day in and day out, he drilled, sparred, and bled, fighting each of the “Crucifier’s” elder students until he could barely stand., but stood he did. The years flew by, and Kagari’s strength and skill increased exponentially until he could match the finest of the Crucifier’s pupils, a fact his master was most pleased with. After five years of training, Kagari was told by his master to seek out an opponent, defeat them , and return with proof of his victory — something Kagari was quite familiar with. After searching for several months, Kagari eventually found a challenger in Finn Strongpike, an Asgardian high warrior who too was searching for a worthy opponent. Kagari made his intentions known and both warriors understood what was at stake. Within moments, both warriors pounced — weapons hungering for blood — and that’s exactly what they found. For seventeen long minutes, the two fighters dueled; each and every strike matched in its ferocity, but all morals remained. On the eighteenth minute, the duel ended…with Kagari as the victor.

Finn smiled as he had been slain by a true warrior, and thus could pass into Valhalla with honor. Kagari acknowledged Finn’s strength, gave him a proper burial, took Finn’s longspear as proof of his victory, and began making his way back to his master. After four months, Kagari finally made it back to his master’s school and presented Finn Strongpike’s spear at the feet of his master, which garnered him his master’s respect as well as the respect of his fellow pupils. With that, the “Crucifier” sent him on more missions; sometimes single combat, other times a war that has enveloped an entire planet, but always one that would force Kagari to become stronger, and above, to gain control.

And stronger, he did become. However, his master told him something thereafter he never forgot and would resonate with him far more than any battle ever did.

“Never forget your roots.”