The Aviator (pt. 1):

Micheal Benton – the Aviator

age – 96 (longevity due to his weapons)
height – 5’10”
weight – 165 lbs
nationality – British

– Demonlock and Gun of Trials (surestriking bloodiron triple-barrelled flintlocks)

Micheal William Benton was a member of the Army Air Corp during WWII and served alongside Capt. Aero and his band of heroes known as the “Total Patrol.” His actions, along with theirs, helped the allies win the war, ending it much quicker than expected. One reason for Michael’s value was his near-unequaled skill in aerial combat, and his equal talent in building and maintaining revolutionary parts and weapons for fighter and cargo planes. The other reason was a pair of flintlock pistols that granted him incredible power, but nearly at the cost of his soul. These two guns, the Gun of Trials and Demonlock, have history going back to the early days of the Golden Age of Piracy and were responsible for hundreds of deaths. Weapons of masterful quality, the origins of these weapons are unclear, but one thing is known for sure, they were forged in hell.

Each and every wielder of these pistols was eventually driven mad and ultimately consumed by these weapons, their very souls being burnt away by the chaotic energies residing within the twin pistols. Now, one would think that a strong enough souls could resist and ultimately control, or discard, the weapons, but the feeling of having such power at their fingertips was too much to resist.

Luckily, Michael was able to resist…somehow.

During his time as a cargo/Airborne pilot, Michael found himself in all sorts of places; one of those places was Fiji. The two pistols were quietly waiting, buried in a massive treasure chest (supposedly made from Supreme Mithril) and were just waiting to be found. No one knows who buried them, but they should’ve stayed buried.

Michael was there for a little R&R, drinking and enjoying the scenery, that is, until the alien bounty hunter Diamond Wing decided to pay Earth a visit. Hot on the trail of the back-piece of a “Multi-Leviathan,” an incredibly power machine that consisted of several individual mecha and was capable of city-wide destruction, Diamond Wing had every intention of collecting the bounty and further solidifying his name. Micheal and his team were just minding their own business when they caught in the middle of hell…

– to be continued….


The Tale of Two Titans

– 4,100 years ago, a battle of truly epic proportions occurred.

Witnessed by Disrons, Kilrons, Solarites, Shapers, and Planetorians, this battle lasted for over two hours and devastated nine miles, and land (hills, mountains, and all). The two combatants were Nexus Prime and Scysix, a pair of behemoths who were already legendary prior to this event.

Nexus Prime was the penultimate creation of the beings who built the Supervarion and the Ocean Saber, and single-handedly crushed elder dragons, nova giants, iron colossi, and even demon lords in the pursuit of its creator’s mission, whatever that may be. Scysix was known throughout the known universe as “Apocalypse,” and for good reason. At 150′ tall and 210′ long, the armor -clad beast was a truly terrible sight and had destroyed three planets in its reign, and said reign was what spurned the creation of Nexus Prime.

Their battle took place on Mars, near Olympus Mons, during which time Mars was still inhabited. The denizens of the area near and around the great mountain were quickly evacuated when it was learned Scysix that was its way. Utilizing their “walking city” technology, the inhabitants of said city distanced themselves from the estimated battle-zone by miles, just in time to avoid the impact of Scysix’s arrival. Two days after the walking city moved, Scysix crash-landed and immediately went looking for something to destroy, which entailed anything in its line-of-sight. Luckily, Nexus was only minutes behind.

The Martians themselves knew that this battle would change the face of their planet, but little did they know they weren’t alone; several Disronian, Kilronians, Shapers, and Planetorians were already on the planet. They were there meeting with the Martian elders to negotiate trade when they all sensed the incoming threat of Scysix. So, like the the Martians, they decided to leave, as this was not their fight, but they would stay close by…just in case.

Scysix began ravaging the surrounding area when Nexus Prime landed on the planet and quickly made its way toward Scysix, who sensed the presence of an opponent who may prove interesting, and it was right. Nexus Prime struck first —  it elbowed Scysix directly in the face, grabbed it by the neck, and threw it into Olympus Mons, sending shockwaves out for miles, but this initial assault only drove the beast on. Nexus Prime attempted to continue its attack, but Scysix unleashed a ring of plasma that pushed Nexus back and blew off a large chunk of Olympus Mons, sending house-sized boulders plummeting to the ground. Fighting fire with fire, Nexus Prime activated its “Demolish” protocol, a wave of pure force fired from its left arm, directly at Scysix, while scoring a line of pulverized earth underneath it. Upon seeing this, Scysix raised its claws and brought them upon the wave, shattering it, and causing all manners of devastation around them. The Disrons, Kilrons, Shapers, and Planetorians bearing witness to this clash were making note of every attack and every bit of destruction for they knew they would eventually have to face one or both of these behemoths sooner or later.

After all these initial attacks, Nexus Prime and Scysix seemingly both decided to end their long-range engagement and proceeded to continue their fight face-to-face.

For the next hour, they attacked each other with everything they had — fist, claw, foot, and horn — neither would relent. Each attack and each step leveled hills, devastated farmland, and sent shockwaves that impacted the ground and surrounding mountain-range with the force of a comet. The Martian people could hardly believe they were witnessing this; their planet being used as a battleground, and their very lives being endangered by a rivalry they had nothing to do with. Eventually, Scysix began to show signs of fatigue, which Nexus capitalized on by activating another of its protocols, this one being “Strengthen.” Numerous pistons and plates reconfigured themselves and locked together to make Nexus’ arms almost solid, and then Nexus began to swing.

Nexus connected twice, actually denting Scysix’s armor and causing a pair of sonic booms that actually parted the clouds above them. Scysix flew back and landed with near meteoric impact, generating a dust cloud nearly a mile high and causing an earthquake that was felt for miles. Nexus Prime was victorious, but the nine miles that the two combatants was completely destroyed. Luckily, none of the Martian people were killed, but they were shaken and wanted both of these giants gone. Nexus Prime, noticing this, threw Scysix on its shoulder and rocketed off the planet. Afterwards, the city that was near Olympus Mons chose a new area to settle and proceeded to rebuild, while the Disrons, Kilrons, Shapers, and Planetorians who were watching began to make their way back to their own homeworlds, all the while, a small group of Solarites were also taking notice themselves and making plans of their own….


Lords and Assassins

The Urban Comets:
L.L.R.A.A.M (Living Long Range Air-to-Air Missile) (Yudina Antonoff (nee Vadimovna)) – Russia
Wolf Spider (Miska Antonoff) – Russia
Grave Robin (Jurren van der Hoorn) – South Africa (Dutch Afrikaan)
Giant Eclipse (Patrick “Padraig” O’Sullivan) – Ireland
Defiant Eagle (Cairstine McIntyre) – Scotland
Idle Sun (Adofo Afram) – South Africa (born in Ghana)
Arctic Jumper (Mathias Liebermann) – Germany
Aero Carbine (Albina Kazdohovy) – Spain (born in Turkey)

All members are “A-Keys”

All members are extensively trained in marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat, tracking, HALO jumping, HAHO jumping, survival, mountaineering, and gunsmithing
Are basically “living ordnance,” and have proven most effective.
Usually armed with:

Remington 870 Express tactical / mesa tactical

MK12 MOD 1 (long-range semi-automatic sniper rifle)

CZ-75 SP-01 Shadow & Phantom

HK G28 designated marksman / sniper rifle

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 (7.62x51mm NATO)

Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf

Barrett XM109

CAR-15 Carbine & Heavy Assault Rifle M1

M79 grenade launcher

China Lake grenade launcher

AAC Honey Badger V.2

SPW WA2000

Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout (Black Variant)- .338 Lapua Magnum

Colt 1911


  • The Urban Comets, as they’re called, are a paramilitary group raised, trained, and deployed by the Illuminati. They are all part of the ongoing “A-Key” program, which granted them enhanced strength, speed, stamina, durability, and intelligence which in turn allowed them to excel as soldiers. In addition to their initial training, they were schooled in the skills of the Army Rangers, Airborne, Special Air Service, Navy SEALs, and Spetsnaz, and thus they were able to face almost any threat with efficiency and precision. The niche that gave them their name is a type of flight suit that doubles as low-level powered armor. These suits allows them to jump from an aircraft, survive the high altitudes and wind currents, and to land feet-first on practically any terrain. To further increase their effectiveness, these “A-Keys” were augmented via a serum known “Orichalcogen.” This serum fortified their bodies and essentially made them living weapons which, in turn, gave rise to them being called “living ordnance.”

They have deployed all around the world, from Baghdad to Greece, and have become  somewhat infamous for a secondary measure that was added to their suits. Upon landing in their target area, a sonic device located on their backs goes off and unleashes a subsonic wave with a 15-foot radius. This wave is capable of pulverizing tank armor, shattering guns, and breaking bones, and has even brought down a small apartment building, however, that is only part of why the Urban Comets have gained such infamy. Upon the activation of these devices, an echo can be heard for miles around.  Enemy forces have scattered upon this echo, and such, the name of the Urban Comets have resonated throughout the world as one of strength and surprise.


Unblemished imperfection

Black / Dark Aegis:

  • 28′ tall
  • six tons
  • highly advanced robot that doubles as a combat mech
  • wields the I-2 Pugilistic Carbine, a mech-grade rifle that fires 35mm rounds and can be converted into a fist weapon / shield (via a built-in forcefield generator)

Dark Aegis is the penultimate creation of the living planet known as Soanar. Standing at 28 feet and armored in reinforced adamantine, Dark Aegis is a consummate warrior, having participated in numerous campaigns throughout the universe, the results of which “he” earned “him” the respect of the Disronian, Kilronian, and Armoroid peoples.

Unfortunately, “he” and most other inhabitants of Soanar have gained the ire of another mechanical species, the Numerals.  The two races have been in conflict for years, each trying to destroy the other to no avail. The exact reason for their animosity towards each other is unknown, but their rivalry has already been felt across two star-systems. These skirmishes have caused the deaths of hundreds on several planets, and caused all matter of problems for both races — especially in the form of the Planetorians…

At this moment, Dark Aegis is partnered with Talus, an “Utgard”-type, and thus far, they’ve proven to be an effective team. They need to be, for they are being hunted by one of the best hunters the universe has to offer…


Your death will make me a legend…

Moonsight, Ender of Heroes:
– An infamous weapon utilized by the super-villian known as the “Story Breaker.”

Known for murdering superheroes and costumed heroes with established reputations, the “Story Breaker” remained active for years, raking up a body-count through close combat and their gun, which came to be known as Moonsight. The weapon, a highly modified FN Five-Seven MK2 (with an equally modified “Springfield XD 4.5 45ACP” as back up), garnered its name from the quarter-moon painted on the red-dot sight attached to the weapon.

In time, fourteen exceptional heroes died at the “Story Breaker’s” hand, and the superhero community wanted justice.

Capt. Aero offered to find the murderer himself as some of the heroes and heroines who had been killed were his close friends, as his experience in tracking and eliminating high-level targets worldwide gave him an edge over this monster. Capt. Aero did a bit a of research and found a pattern to the “Story Breaker’s” movements and eventually tracked the killer to Las Vegas. Las Vegas was home to the “Dapper Knuckles,” an established costumed hero with style, flair, and tremendous fighting ability, especially with his arms. Armed with this knowledge, Capt. Aero immediately made his way to Vegas, found D.K., and warned him about the looming threat. Taking the warning to heart, D.K. proceeded to equip himself, and get ready with Capt. Aero’s help. The Story Breaker did a bit of forward thinking themselves and brought a few “tools” for the occasion; namely a British AS50 sniper rifle, a Heckler &Koch HK416 assault rifle, and their trusty “Moonsight.”

However, Capt. Aero and the Dapper Knuckles hadn’t factored one thing into the equation.

The Story Breaker’s ultimate goal was to force out one of the legends, the greatest among all the heroes the Earth had seen. It could’ve been Dr. Voltz, Big Bear, High Fusion, or even Heatwave. None of them chose to come forward, but the Captain did. With a career spanning over fifty years, battles fought across the globe, and a reputation for incredible strength, skill, and precision, Capt. Aero was the perfect target.

The ultimate quarry.

Capt. Aero and the Dapper Knuckles made no bones about their intentions; they called the Story Breaker out, daring him to fight them out in the open.

He didn’t keep them waiting.

Upon hearing this, the Story Breaker opened fire with his sniper rifle, sending explosive rounds towards the Luxor hotel, attempting to end the fight quickly…no such luck. Capt. Aero and D.K. split off and followed the echos of the shots, something the Story Breaker was hoping for. The Story Breaker dropped the sniper rifle and immediately rushed to the street, hoping to meet one or both of his targets in close combat. Ripping “Moonsight” from its holster, the Story Breaker put himself at high-ready, knowing one of his targets was in the building – – hunting and ready to kill on sight. They didn’t have to wait long.

The Dapper Knuckles surprised the Story Breaker, swinging directly at their head. He missed, shattering a nearby door, but was undeterred, as he immediately attempted to hit the Story Breaker with a backhand. The Story Breaker ducked the impeding attack, and tried to aim “Moonsight,” but D.K. quickly grabbed the gun and flipped the Story Breaker onto their back. Capt. Aero came crashing through a window and sprinted towards the two, but the Story Breaker broke the Dapper Knuckle’s grip and tackled him through the nearby fire escape door. The two flew down the stairs of the fire escape, and nearly plummeted to the street below, some four stories down, but Capt. Aero grabbed D.K. first. The Story Breaker swung from the edge of the fire escape and broke through a nearby window, which was accompanied by a scream. Both Capt. Aero and D.K. quickly made their way down to find where that scream came from, but were met with rapid gunfire,  and a frag grenade. Both heroes jumped down the stairs as the grenade exploded, taking a chunk of the floor with it. Undeterred, Capt. Aero slung his shield right through the bullet-riddled door and, upon spotting the Story Breaker, and smashed through the door and elbowed the Story Breaker right through the closest wall. D.K. was there to meet them, and proceeded to suplex the Story Breaker right into the stairwell behind them. The two tumbled down the stairs with Capt. Aero close behind. Taking advantage of the Story Breaker’s brief disorientation, Capt. Aero kicks “Moonsight” out of the Story Breaker’s hands, and pulled the pin of one of the Story Breaker’s frag grenades. Capt. Aero and D.K. jumped back down the stairwell as a massive explosion went off.

When the smoke cleared, the two looked upon the charred corpse of the Story Breaker with contempt and wondered why this person, whoever they are, would kill so many heroes.

Well, no time like the present.

Capt. Aero yanked the Story Breaker’s mask off and was shocked to see a familiar face. It was Lt. William Speirs, a member of BURNstorm who had fought with him in South Africa, and a man he had considered a friend. The violence in South Africa had gotten to Speirs pretty bad and he took some much-needed time off, but a significant toll had been taken. Speirs had remarked that he hated that Supergenes were responsible for a majority of the atrocities he had witnessed, and if it were up to him, he’d kill them all. These very words were the reason for his “time off,” except he eventually disappeared. Now Capt. Aero knows why.

Capt. Aero called Galaxtron for a pick-up, and thanked Dapper Knuckles for his help and told him to keep up the good work. He then handed D.K. “Moonsight” and told him to put it to better use. D.K. smiled, pocketed the weapon, and went about his business as the night was still young and he had crime to stop. Capt. Aero sat on the floor, pondering the death of his friend. Why didn’t he come in? Why didn’t Speirs say something when he saw him?

His mind was completely chaotic.


Strength of the Ages

– Supervarion, the Prototype Titan:

An extraordinarily advanced machine utilized by an unknown race to face the ancient titans.

When rediscovered in 2001, buried in a specialized bunker in Morocco, it shown no signs of deterioration whatsoever and was in perfect working order. The red, silver, and gold armored machine stood over 95′ tall and was a true marvel of technology, an actual representation of anatomy in mechanical form. However, Supervarion was neither a cyborg nor a bioroid.

It was fully mechanical – consisting of cogs, gears, wires, pistons, and plates, but all of which were placed in such a way that they were seamless and allowed for maximum power and agility. The Supervarion had no other weapons secreted on it save a sword hidden in its back, and an unusual weapon in its chest named “Whisker.” “Whisker” resembled its namesake in terms of appearance, but not in terms of strength. It was 15′ long, pitch black, curved, and unbelievably sharp (having been forged by shadowlightning mithral). It was thrown like a boomerang and utterly destroyed anything weaker than itself.

Upon further examination, it was discovered that the ‘Varion had kept an exact record of every battle it had been in due to it having a tri-lobed “positronic” brain of sorts. Upon request, the Varion would tell detailed accounts of battles against titans, dragons, demigods, elementals, sorcerers, and other giant constructs.

As of now, Supervarion has chosen to side with the Sovereign Alliance, as it was built to fight all threats extra-normal. (It turned on a beacon that told them he had been reactivated; as of how they knew of the machine — they’re not talking).

~ ~ ~ Just the facts:

Height – 95 feet

Weight – 174,000 tons (due to extreme density)

Armor – Red, silver, and gold (a combination of Redfang Orichalcum, Mithral, and Jotunium (an alloy of Adamantine and Solar Steel)

  • Has been active for over 18,000 years (according to its databanks)
  • Has fought sea monsters, elementals, demigods, and other constructs
  • Is incredibly well-made; every piece is exactly placed and extraordinarily forged


Even Satan will envy my cruelty…

The Stormpit:
– A highly advanced and dangerous prison located in the Horsehead Nebula. Meant for the same class of criminal as “1,000 Chains,” the Stormpit has been home to denizens ranging from the bounty hunter/mercenary Diamond Wing to the last living member of the legendary 89th Heavy Tank Regiment, the Armoroid Rynzo.

The prison itself is aptly named; resembling a massive pit some five miles deep, its covered with hundreds of pulse cannons, missile launchers, shield widgets, plasma cannons, and thousands of drone soldiers littered throughout. However, it received its namesake from the colossal shadow photon energy net surrounding the entire complex, a defense mechanism that has become as infamous as the prison itself. Capable of being redirected, manipulated, and shaped, the energy net was as potent a weapon as any, a fact known only to a select few. Its most devious aspect, however, is one spoken of only in whispers…

For its most dangerous prisoners, the Stormpit was fitted with a series of rooms meant to break all but the strongest of criminals, rooms that became the definition of solitude. These rooms, curiously known as ” Spires of the Bells,” have been the source on much conjecture over the course of two hundred years. Those who have been thrown into theses rooms, and survived, have warned others to maintain disciple as best they can, because they wouldn’t  wish this punishment on anyone.

The warden of the Stormpit, Warden Shadow, once took a visitor aside and told in confidence the more devious aspect of the rooms:

  • the criminal is restrained with adamantine arm and leg irons  and neck chains of red force. They are then suspended in the middle of a dark room, darker than space, and are subjected to cacophonous noises of ever-increasing decibels. After several minutes of this “sonic bombardment,” they are then subject to silence…absolute silence. They can’t even hear themselves breathe. This silence can last anywhere from a few minutes to several days, and then the “bombardment” resumes…and each and every criminal placed into one of these rooms is usually left there for several weeks. However, there have been prisoners left in one of the “Spires” for up to four months, and were much more compliant upon release.

Upon hearing this, the visitor told Warden Shadow that Satan would envy your ingenuity.

Warden Shadow chuckled and said “No, he should envy my cruelty.”