Foxes and Hounds, pt.1

— House Foxway:

A family of ascended kitsune who have been in conflict with House Rutherwood for over 330 years. With history dating back to 1000 AD, House Foxway has forged an invisible empire spanning from Earth to Alpha Centauri, and thus gained many enemies, including the aforementioned House Rutherwood and the Chromians.

The feud between them and Rutherwood started in the 1600s and it was over the most trivial of things: the acquisition of minerals.

Both houses had immense mining ships, capable of strip-mining a city’s worth of metals and minerals in just a day, but usually did so on uninhabited planets, asteroids, and comets. One day, however, it was not to be. House Rutherwood had discovered a massive comet floating through the Oort Cloud that was rich with gold and iron (a truly rare combination), and immediately jumped at this chance. House Foxway, however, had also spotted the same comet and wanted it just as much.

Their two mining vessels met each other on opposite sides of the comet and immediately trained their guns at each other, as the comet was quite seriously worth billions, however, their captains attempted to reach a compromise, as the comet was well over a mile in diameter. There was more than enough for each party , but their superiors had other plans and ordered the two captains to attack. Long minutes passed before either ship opened fire as neither captain wanted any violence, but they still had to follow their masters’ orders. In the span of twenty-eight seconds, both vessels unloaded dozens of rounds, impacting the ships with enough force to send shockwaves echoing through space for almost three miles. When the smoke cleared, House Rutherwood’s vessel remained somewhat intact while House Foxway’s vessel burned silently, careening towards the now-open comet.

The captain of House Rutherwood’s vessel painfully informed his superiors of their “victory” and proceeded to mine the comet. With that, the hatred between the two houses began.

Over the next 330 years, the two houses waged war over hundreds of miles of space — destroying cities, moons, planets, and stars.

To think, this all happened in a bid to maintain control…that is until a fox decided to catch herself a hound…making things even worse.



One bullet to rule them all…

~ ~ Operation – Fabled Bullet:
– June 26, 1990

– Capt. Aero and the “Total Patrol” had just made their way to Cuba. The mercenary “Laughing Mask” was working for Castro as a shooter and enforcer. He was quite good. He needed to die. It would be a uphill battle as Castro had a sizable army and he actually trusted “Laughing Mask” (a true rarity). The Captain wasn’t worried. He had with him one of the finest snipers in history: Shining Hawk. Augmented to have even greater control and significantly better eyesight, Shining Hawk was responsible fro many “impossible” kills and solidified his reputation around the world.


Originally in Delta Force, Shining Hawk left the unit in 1987 and quickly established himself as a world-class gunsmith and assassin, which put him on the watch-lists of the CIA, FBI, and Interpol, who ultimately proceeded to utilize his services, particularly in the Middle East.

Fast forward to the present, Capt. Aero has just finished recon on Castro’s fortress and determined that a bit of explosives would be a perfect distraction, which was Short Fuse’s specialty. As his team watched on, Short Fuse gleefully placed proximity mines, dynamite, and bouncing betties around the fortress’ perimeter, ensuring that the distraction would be both effective and entertaining. Sometime later, Castro and his entourage arrived, thus prompting Capt. Aero to rally his team…then Castro and Laughing Mask dropped. Capt. Aero and his team were at a loss from words, as no one heard a shot or had any forewarning. Seconds later, Shining Hawk came on the radio telling everyone: “Move…now.”

Without a moment’s thought, the team sprinted back to the rendezvous point, keeping their guns ready as they were now targets. Shining Hawk told them to keep moving, as he had spotted Castro’s forces hot on their trail, and for Short Fuse to detonate those explosives. Short Fuse happily obliged, sending fire, shrapnel, and shards of wood flying, killing a good number of Castro’s men and buying them some time.  After a few more minutes, the team had finally made their way back to the rendezvous point, but was met by Laughing Mask who somehow survived the headshot he received. Capt. Aero and his team quickly raised their rifles but, yet again, Laughing Mask dropped – a shot had gone right through his throat. Slightly disturbed, the team quickly got onto the waiting gunship, with several of them manning guns, knowing Castro’s forces would unleashing AAGs as soon they spotted them…and they were right. Almost immediately, their gunship was under fire, flak punching through the armored exterior, and the team being forced to fire back. Unbeknownst to them, Shining Hawk was making his way towards the anti-aircraft guns, armed with his M24 SWS, Browning Hi-Power pistols, and M79 grenade launcher, and had every intention of dealing with them…his way. Capt. Aero and his team continued to fight there out of Cuba, taking more damage every minute, that is until the AAGs started exploding. Capt. Aero took out his binoculars and much to his surprise, and delight, he saw Shining Hawk cutting down Castro’s soldiers and launching grenades right into the AAGs, turning them to rubble, and giving Capt. Aero and the team the chance to escape.

Within a few minutes, the gunship had crossed the border and was well on its way to safety, and Shining Hawk began to make his own way back as he had set up his own evac well ahead of time. Capt. Aero got on the radio, and asked Shining Hawk his position with Shining Hawk simply saying: “On my way for a drink. I’ll see you gentlemen soon.” Capt. Aero smiled and sat back, happy that he and his team were on their way home.

3 days later, Capt. Aero was sitting at a cafe in France, enjoying a glass of wine, when he got a tap on the shoulder by none other than Shining Hawk. The two shook hands, and Capt. Aero immediately asked as to how Hawk had escaped; Hawk told him that he had, two days before the mission, set up a pickup with an old Army buddy, prizefighter Rob Clark, otherwise known as “Devil.” Rob was enjoying a brief vacation after a decent purse from his last fight, and was more than happy to help Hawk out, as he, like Shining Hawk, kinda missed the field. It was difficult as they had to fight against Castro’s troops and even a few Cuban mercenaries, but they made it back in one piece, and got that drink after all. Capt. Aero chuckled, finished his drink, and the two started making their way to the Louvre, content in the knowledge that had done the one thing to Castro that no one ever could.



A pack of stone wolves…

~ ~ The Wolfborn Infantry:
– The Wolfborn Infantry is an elite unit of warriors loyal to Ja’gar, and are among his finest.

Resembling warriors armored in ice and stone with faces carved to resemble wolves, the Wolfborn’s appearance alone made them infamous.

Composed entirely of Lavitherans, the Wolfborn have forged a reputation for precision, endurance and, above all, brutality. Formed 78 years ago, the Woflborn was mostly Mounment’s idea, as he was half-Lavitheran and therefore understood the potential that was within each and every one of his people. Intrigued, Ja’gar had Monument return to the Lavitheran homeworld and begin recruiting, preferably elders. Interestingly enough, that’s exactly what happened. 800 Lavitheran elders volunteered, much to the surprise of Monument, as they knew his reputation and knew why he was there. Most pleased, Monument brought them before Ja’gar who was equally pleased at Monument’s success and thus granted them a training space to show him their skills.

Needless to say, Ja’gar was impressed.

Afterwards, Ja’gar had them train and deploy to wherever he needed them; be it the Bull’s Eye Nebula or the Ebon Isle (one of House Rutherwood’s chief strongholds), they always proved effective. In time, several dozen more Lavitherans joined their ranks and thus the reputation of the Wolfborn extended even further, reaching even the cliffs of the Mountain of Phantoms, home of Blackwing Tower — fortress of Nyx herself. However, such a reputation gained them enemies in high places, more precisely, for Ja’gar himself. His exploits had garnered the attention of his older siblings: Si’tan and Jehovan, lords of Heavne and Hell respectively, and they warned him to stop or be dealt with.

With that, Ja’gar decided to ease up on his conquests and focus on improving his technological pursuits, and he also proceeded to give the Wolfborn a much-needed break; he told them to scatter and that he would call on them again one day, knowing that their instinct for battle would drive them on.

They wait still….


Short but Sweet

~ ~ A few short blurps about some of my characters:

Big Robot Bill:

  • Bill is one of the “Rocketforged,” a series of robotic soldiers created to aid the Armoroid standing army in elite operations. Bill stood out due to “his” size, strength, and incredible skill. Over the course of thirteen years, Bill was deployed to various battlefields and gained valuable experience that only made “him” better. Surprisingly agile for “his” size, Bill helped prove that the “Rocketforged” series was a worthy investment and that they could be trusted with more important tasks. As of now, Bill is stationed on a worldship orbiting Alpha Centauri aiding several ODST troopers in varying operations there.


Igneos, the Scarred Hellfire:

  • Igneos is the evolution of the plasma golem and has proven to be quite the success. Taking the core of a plasma golem, it was then placed in a highly-advanced mechanical body capable of enduring the intense energy emitting from the core. It was then programmed with all manner of fighting techniques (equal to a 21st-level fighter), and the result is a truly frightening weapon. It is unclear who built Igneos as he has been spotted several planets and moons as of late, battling all types of opponents , has no specific insignia on its body; some have pointed to the Shapers, others say the Planetorians, no one knows for sure. Regardless, Igneos continues to be seen on various worlds, searching for something…


Dark Dream:

  • One of Si’tan’s finest warriors, Dark Dream has slaughtered hundreds in his master’s name. Standing well over 6’4″ and sheathed in pitch-black armor, Dark Dream has ingrained itself in the minds of many religious orders throughout the world, as it is responsible for the deaths of many of their warriors and clergy.  As of now, Dark Dream continues to do his master’s bidding, more specifically hunting down any half-celestials that may interfere with his lord’s plans.



  • Barrel-Lock is one of the “Children of ZOO,” and a foremost soldier of fortune. Standing 7’1″ and muscled like a true man-o-war, Barrel-Lock has forged his reputation throughout the galaxy for over nineteen years, and that reputation has gained him both allies and enemies, of which they have both proven to be use. Like most of ZOO’s children, Barrel-Lock is mostly solitary, and usually keeps to the outskirts of the galaxy, however, there was one instance where he found himself in our solar system. Upon hearing that sizable bounty was to be found on Earth, Barrel-Lock eventually made his way to Earth, more precisely Brussels, and quickly began his search. The bounty turned to be a Symphonian named Morningbolt, a powerful warrior who was responsible for destroying a good portion of Skyhelm, a flying city residing within the newly-rebuilt Seven Spaceways. This bout of violence attracted the attention of the Sovereign Alliance, which in turn, resulted in Barrel-Lock being contacted…


The violence of eternity

– 5,700 years ago, there was a battle that split a mountain and shook a nation to its core.

One of the combatants was Camroth, an incredibly powerful and ruthless dragon who, due to his ability to survive almost anything, was deemed the “Eternal.” The son of a red dragon and a cold iron dragon, power was inherent to him and he used it to his advantage every chance he could. The other was a warrior was known simply as “Sharpheart,” a human  (though no one could say for sure) who was the current owner of both the “Yearning Fist” (a gauntlet forged from storm-silver) and the “Brutality Jewel” (a truly terrifying relic from the outskirts of space). This combination made her absurdly powerful and virtually unchallenged in the mortal world.

Something Camroth was constantly on the hunt for.

After several weeks of searching, Camroth found Sharpheart in Egypt, training with the resident masters to further improve her skills. Pleased with this, Camroth waited and observed, almost considering dropping the matter entirely, but there’d be no fun in that. The high priests were already aware of Camroth’s presence and alerted Sharpheart as well, who quickly made her way out of the temple she was residing in to meet this threat. Unsurprisingly, Sharpheart was not impressed when she saw Camroth (all 117 feet of him), and inquired as to why he had come. Camroth simply stated he knew of Sharpheart’s reputation and sought to see if there was any truth to it. Laughing quietly to herself, Sharpheart then leaped at Camroth with preternatural speed,, the “Yearning Fist” igniting into red and gold flame as her fist sped its way towards Camroth’s jaw. Camroth diverted the attack with his horns and attempted to take Sharpheart’s head with his wings, both of which she avoided. Not wanting to waste any time, Camroth rushed at Sharpheart, jaws agape, but Sharpheart quickly rolled clear and finally connected with Camroth’s jaw. The punch jolted Camroth, which Sharpheart capitalized on by spin-kicking Camroth in his temple which, in turn, caused Camroth to smash Sharpheart with his left wing.

This attack sent Sharpheart tumbling across the sands, with the mighty beast in dogged pursuit, claws reared and fangs beared. Sharpheart quickly recovered, just in time to avoid a claw swipe, which was followed by a tail sweep, which she blocked, albeit barely.

Undeterred, Camroth wrapped his tail around Sharpheart, attempting to crush her, to which, Sharpheart responded with a downward strike with the “Yearning Fist,” blasting a hole in Camroth’s tail, and forcing a roar out him that was heard for miles, but the tail retained its grip nonetheless. In response to this newfound pain, Camroth slammed Sharpheart in the sands and attempted to throw her once again, but Sharpheart hung on to his tail, swung around, and kicked Camroth directly in the ribs. Though this attack did nothing, it distracted Camroth long enough to grant Sharpheart time enough to regroup and get some distance, which running towards the nearest mountain range. Camroth, no slightly more annoyed, took flight and followed close behind, with gouts of fire trailing Sharpheat’s heels for good measure.

Sharpheart kept running and dodging but, despite her best intentions, Sharpheart’s plan was not to be.

Eventually, Sharpheart grew tired of running and used the Yearning Fist to reflect one of Camroth’s fireballs back at him, forcing Camroth to change course and giving Sharpheart a few precious seconds. Sharpheart leaped towards the nearby mountain range, tore a massive slab of stone from said mountain, plunged her fist into the slab, and sprinted back towards Camroth. Camroth, who seemed quite pleased to see this, dived towards Sharpheart, intent on crushing her, however, upon collision, Sharpheart got the better of the exchange by slamming the slab into Camroth’s neck,  sending him spiraling into the ground. Both lain on the sands for a few moments before finally getting to their feet. Camroth  spit out a small amount of blood while Sharpheart checked her arm as the impact of punching Camroth with the slab jarred her rather harshly.

Both gave each other a knowing glance…then proceeded to ready themselves once again. A legend was to be born this day.

To resist is to live…..

– To be continued


Giant of the East

The Lavitherans are a curious people. Born from the the elements themselves, the Lavitherans have the uncanny, almost infamous, ability to survive in almost any natural environment, and inevitability, thrive. This ability to thrive, and understand their surrounding environment, has allowed them to forge themselves into consummate warriors, blacksmiths, and jewelry makers (which has proven to be quite lucrative).

Ceolbald is among the most powerful warriors to ever come for the Lavitheran / Elementorian people and was, and still is, a truly exceptional swordsman. Ceolbald was born over 3,300 years ago to a family of relatively high standing and, upon reaching the appropriate age, was trained in combat and the use of his inborn abilities, both of which he excelled at.

However, life would not be as idyllic as hoped. Shortly after his 32nd birthday, Ceolbald got his first taste of battle when word reached his people that their allies, the Sirians, were in need of immediate aid. As he was a trained warrior, Ceolbald was one of many chosen to head off-world — something that made him both ecstatic and utterly terrified. After 2 days of travel, the Lavitheran battalions had arrived on Oymia, a jungle planet near Sirius B, where the Sirians are barely managing to hold a group of Jovians, otherwise known to most as “giants.” These Jovians were unusually well-equipped; wielding Thermal Cannons, Gatling Cannons, and Pulse Cannons, these giants were doing far better than they should’ve been able to against the usually dominant Sirians. With that bit of “enlightenment,” the Lavitheran forces immediately dispatched to the Sirians’ positions and aided them however they could, knowing full well that they were in for a fight.

And a fight is what they got.

For several more hours, the Lavitherans and the Sirians fought on, thinning the ranks of the Jovians until they stopped their siege and a challenge was made. Much to their surprise, the Lavitherans and Sirians were asked by the Jovian captain to concede to an trial of single combat; if they won, the Lavitherans and Sirians would leave, and the deposits of metals (the reason for the skirmish) was theirs. If they lost, the deposits would belong to the Lavitherans and Sirians, and the Jovians would trouble them no more.

The Lavitherans and Sirians agreed, and took a vote as to whom would represent them. It took them a few minutes, but ultimately they chose Ceolbald. Ceolbald was completely confused as to why he was picked; he was skilled, but was not the best of the Lavitherans that were there. His people knew that, but his talent was known all over their planet, and thus, he should fortify his reputation by defeating a Jovian. Well, with that said, Ceolbald gathered his sword, made his way to the field, and awaited his opponent. His opponent was Culith, a Jovian of great renown and even greater power, and who was chosen not simply because of his strength, but his ability to lead, a trait considered far more valuable to the Jovians than sheer strength alone. The two warriors made their way towards each, acknowledged each other, and drew their weapons (sword for Ceolbald, battleaxe for Culith), then all hell broke loose.

To start things off, the 10-foot-tall Culith swung his axe with incredible force, sending massive rocks and dirt flying in all directions, but his attack was parried by the 6’5″ Ceolbald, much to the shock of the Jovians, but not the Lavitherans. One thing that Ceolbald in his favor was that, while he was inexperienced in war, he was no stranger to combat. Culith, also surprised (albeit happily), switched hand positions and swung the haft of the axe towards Ceolbald’s head, which he dodged and replied to with a forward stab to Culith’s left leg. Culith moved his leg, and attempted to take Ceolbald’s head off with yet another full-swing; Ceolbald ducked, sprang back at Culith from all fours, and slashed down on the haft of the axe, thus knocking Culith off balance momentarily. With this brief advantage, Ceolbald used the haft as a stepping stone to attempt to bring his sword down on Culith’s head, but Culith met him with a shoulder strike, sending Ceolbald back towards the ground. Cuilth rushed at Ceolbald, spinning his axe along across his shoulders, intent on splitting Ceolbald in two. Seeing what was coming next, Ceolbald spun on his left foot and quickly diverted to his right, thus forcing Culith to follow suit, something his tremendous weight would not usually allow. Culith gave chase, but ultimately it was not be.

A massive explosive went off in the air above, which was seemingly caused by an absolutely massive black triangle. Both the Jovians and Lavitherans were oblivious as to where this spacecraft came from, so they both decided to deal with this new threat and split whatever metals were on the planet. Easy enough.

Ceolbald and Culith smiled and nodded to each other, and proceeded to make their way to the fray.

He had proved himself capable after all.


The Aviator (pt. 1):

Micheal Benton – the Aviator

age – 96 (longevity due to his weapons)
height – 5’10”
weight – 165 lbs
nationality – British

– Demonlock and Gun of Trials (surestriking bloodiron triple-barrelled flintlocks)

Micheal William Benton was a member of the Army Air Corp during WWII and served alongside Capt. Aero and his band of heroes known as the “Total Patrol.” His actions, along with theirs, helped the allies win the war, ending it much quicker than expected. One reason for Michael’s value was his near-unequaled skill in aerial combat, and his equal talent in building and maintaining revolutionary parts and weapons for fighter and cargo planes. The other reason was a pair of flintlock pistols that granted him incredible power, but nearly at the cost of his soul. These two guns, the Gun of Trials and Demonlock, have history going back to the early days of the Golden Age of Piracy and were responsible for hundreds of deaths. Weapons of masterful quality, the origins of these weapons are unclear, but one thing is known for sure, they were forged in hell.

Each and every wielder of these pistols was eventually driven mad and ultimately consumed by these weapons, their very souls being burnt away by the chaotic energies residing within the twin pistols. Now, one would think that a strong enough souls could resist and ultimately control, or discard, the weapons, but the feeling of having such power at their fingertips was too much to resist.

Luckily, Michael was able to resist…somehow.

During his time as a cargo/Airborne pilot, Michael found himself in all sorts of places; one of those places was Fiji. The two pistols were quietly waiting, buried in a massive treasure chest (supposedly made from Supreme Mithril) and were just waiting to be found. No one knows who buried them, but they should’ve stayed buried.

Michael was there for a little R&R, drinking and enjoying the scenery, that is, until the alien bounty hunter Diamond Wing decided to pay Earth a visit. Hot on the trail of the back-piece of a “Multi-Leviathan,” an incredibly power machine that consisted of several individual mecha and was capable of city-wide destruction, Diamond Wing had every intention of collecting the bounty and further solidifying his name. Micheal and his team were just minding their own business when they caught in the middle of hell…

– to be continued….